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Mop & Deodorize (floor area)
$45 $55 $75

Power Wash (floor only)
$149 $199 $249

Power Wash (walls only)
$99 $129 $149

Clean Garbage Can(s)
$15 ea $15 ea $15 ea

Cleaning & Organizing Closets and Shelves
$99 $149 $179

Interior Paint (labor only-materials not included)
$149 /wall $149 /wall $149 /wall

Trash Removal (per contractor bag 42 gal)
$25 /bag $25 /bag $25 /bag

Document Shredding (per contractor bag 42 gal)
$149.00 /per bag $149.00 /per bag $149.00 /per bag

Plastic Totes/Containers (per unit)
$45 ea/unit $45 ea/unit $45 ea/unit

Shelving Plastic & Metal (delivered and Installed)
$99-$299/ 4 tier unit $99-$299/ 4 tier unit $99-$299/ 4 tier unit

Floor Painting (coating and sealing available)
Based upon sq ft Based upon sq ft Based upon sq ft

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* Prices subject to change without giving any type of notice


Why Clean your Garage

Everything looks and feels better when they’re clean! Your garage should not be an exception to the rule! Many homeowners experience a daily struggle each time they open their garage door as a result of misplaced tools, boxes, sporting goods, bikes, camping equipment, and any additional leftover items not wanted in the house. It's time to make a change!

Some of the benefits of cleaning your garage (or keeping a clean garage) are:

  • You can fit your car(s) in the garage
  • You can find your things
  • You can walk from the house to the driveway without falling over clutter
  • It discourages rodents from hanging out
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