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50 Home Garage Based Small Business ideas for 2021

Do you want to make extra money from your basement on a shoestring budget? If YES, here are 50 garage based business ideas to start at home. Garage business is a very good business to start. This is because of the good returns on investment it brings about.

We all have a garage that is lying idle and without purpose, this is a good place to kick start a business without being bothered about the high cost of rent and leasing of a space. With little capital and the necessary know-how, some businesses can be started right from our garages and earn us a good amount of income.

Great and Multi Million businesses such as Harley-Davidson, Disney, Apple and Hewlett-Packard who all had meager beginnings have roots of their start-up in a garage so Starting a business in the garage is not a new concept by any means. Here are 50 profitable and lucrative but small businesses with a tendency to grow to consider starting right from your garage;

50 Garage Based Small Business ideas to Start at Home

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Despite the proliferation of technology in our lives, many people still find computers complicated to maintain and terrifying if they go wrong. If you have a reassuring manner and are not fazed by the inner workings of a PC, offer your services locally and let word of mouth do the rest. Your garage can be turned into your workstation without a need to rent a space.


If you’re the kind of person who loves making things, why not try your hand at cards? Ask a local shopkeeper what kind sells best and follow their advice, working to a distinctive style of your own. Then try selling to family, friends and local businesses.

Be mindful of material costs and time taken though, as wastage can be expensive in such a low-value product. This is another artistic “crafty” business idea that can be done from the comfort of your home. Make greeting/birthday cards from scratch using blank cards. You can take orders from neighbors since you will be operating right from inside your home specifically your garage.


Even in these cash-strapped times, some people hate ironing so much they’re willing to pay others to do it (at least in the posh parts of town). Check out the competition, see how much they charge, and undercut. Either work for an hourly rate, a fee per item or a fee per lb,” she says. You should get between £8 and £12 per hour, between 50p and £1 per item or between 50p and £1 per lb of clothes, depending on where you work. So with the washing machine and the iron table inside that free space, you can start earning a good living


Americans spend more and more on their cars, and they are willing to spend an extra $50 to $150 a month to have the car hand washed and waxed. You can start this service with very little money. Spend a day in an auto products store and learn what products are available and learn how to use them. If you are tidy and detail-oriented by nature, this business is a natural for you.


Yes, you buy antiques and collectible items and set them up on display right in your home. On weekends or even every day if you live in a well-trafficked location, you invite the buying public in to tour the room(s) in which you feature these items for sale. You can also sell antiques that belong to your neighbors and take a cut for your display and sales services.


Another thriving and profitable business that an entrepreneur who wants to start a business right from their comfort zone should consider starting is to open a veterinary clinic. As a matter of fact, if you are a veterinary doctor, this is the most suitable business that you can successfully start in a garage.

Just ensure that you locate your vet clinic close to a place where there are loads of pet owners, animal farms and cattle ranches et al. These are your target market and it is wise to take your business to your market.


Along the same track as business number , but this one has you assembling items such as bookshelves, armoires, dressers and just about anything else that people buy that needs to be assembled. Must people are too frustrated to read directions.

This is where you come in and offer your services. If you have the patience, you can do it. You can also pick the items up and assemble them at home and then deliver them to your clients. This way you can do it on your own turf and listen to the music you like while you assemble the goods.


Do you engage in a hobby or craft that people have told you they would love to learn? Then why don’t you start offering classes or lessons in this hobby/craft? Do you make quilts, do stained glass or build small sailboats? There is probably a market to teach this service in your community. If you don’t want to teach at home, call your local high school. You might be able to teach this class at a local high school adult education class.


If you love bikes and enjoy fixing things, you could convert your garage into a workshop and offer bike repair services. You can turn your love of bicycling into a moneymaking enterprise by advertising that you repair bikes. This type of business can translate into any hobby or love. If you ski, you can offer to wax and repair skis, you can refurbish rollerblades, fix or shape surfboards, etc. Take a look at your hobbies and see if there is one with similar marketable potential.


You can set up a vintage clothing store in your backyard or attic. Check with the local zoning board and make sure this is all right in your neighborhood. Some towns require that you get a permit to do this occasionally. Hang the goods—they can be yours, you could have bought them, or they could belong to friends and neighbors—on a few garment racks. Host nostalgic weekends such as Return to the Seventies and display all your polyester pants, tightly knitted sweaters, platform shoes and 8-track tapes.


If you have a knack for working on your computer, then you might want to start a business that enables you to earn money while helping folks learn how to operate a computer. Take out a few ads in local newspapers or distribute fliers on bulletin boards around town. Don’t forget schools and local corporations. Charge by the hour or group students together and offer a group rate.


If you are handy with numbers and can master some of the accounting software programs available, you can start a business offering bookkeeping and accounting services to small business owners who don’t have the time or the inclination to set this type of system up for themselves.

If you have the necessary qualifications in accounting, this is a nice side business that you can do at home and on your own time and will pay you well. There are a number of small businesses out there that need a book keeper, but don’t want to pay someone full time.


There are a lot of people out there looking for virtual assistants. Real assistants cost a lot of money these days – retirement benefits packages, Workers Compensation, health insurance, and unemployment coverage. But a virtual assistant usually doesn’t come saddled with any of this extra overhead. Why not?

The reason is because virtual assistants are usually independent contractors. You get a list of tasks that your client wants done, and you go out and do them according to pre-set terms and conditions. It’s a win-win for everyone. You can be a virtual assistant for an almost unlimited number of companies while retaining your own personal freedom and independence.


Being a freelancer isn’t as hard as it used to be. Today, the Internet makes it very easy to find work if you’re a writer, programmer, or in any technical field that uses a computer. Whether you choose to start your freelance business using freelancing websites like Odesk and Freelancer.com, or you decide to advertise outside of an established platform, a lot of freelance work can be done very easily online. What if you’re not savvy with a computer?

Well, there’s always tree-stumping. That’s where you dig up old tree stumps and haul them away. Yes, people really do pay a lot of money for this service. There’s also a wide variety of broker-type jobs. From professional services like accounting, real estate, and insurance to simple job brokering (i.e. a head hunter), all you need is a phone and a list of names (which is also easy to get if you have access to your town or city’s public property tax records). Failing that, you can always use the tried and true SRDS.


If you enjoy writing, find a topic you’re passionate about and start a website dedicated to covering that topic and anything else interesting you want to talk about. All you need is a computer, some time, and some energy to consistently write. It can start as a hobby and turn into a business over time. And blog hosting can cost less than $12 per month.


Almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest these days, but did you know that many companies will pay people to help them manage their social media accounts — sometimes even part-time from home? To find social media jobs, you can start by contacting businesses with a social media presence and scanning sites like Elance.com for opportunities. Check out PaidSocialMediaJobs.com for more information on how to get started with this type of business and to find companies willing to pay for your services.

If you have some time and a computer, becoming a social media consultant may be just right for you. The other prerequisites needed include being comfortable online and using social media platforms and a love for talking to people. To get started building your portfolio, work with a few nonprofits in your area or offer your services at a discounted rate to local business owners.


Many gymnasiums will trade membership and often a bit more for a person willing and able to teach an exercise class. You can also find people who don’t want to go to a gym and train them at home as a personal trainer. If you’re in good shape, this is a great opportunity to earn some extra money, plus it can often lead to additional income with one-on-one instruction opportunities. Keeping fit is one of the trending things in the world today.

So starting a fitness center is good business. Running a fitness center is no big deal but it requires adequate planning and manpower. It is also capital-intensive due to the equipment used in the gym. It also requires the services of many staffs that are skilled in physical exercise. Many people register and visit fitness centers to help reduce weight or not add unnecessary weight.


If you’re adept at woodworking and have some basic equipment, it’s easy to get into business making deck furniture. It only requires a few items – a saw, a drill, a sander – and some creativity and passion for working with wood. If you have the tools or just want to turn your hobby into a business, this may be a great small business idea for you. In addition to creating new items, you could also focus on repairing existing wooden furniture or woodwork.


Did you major in a subject like English, history, or math in college, or do exceptionally well on the SAT exam? Do you have patience with children? If so, you likely have what you need to tutor kids in particular subjects. Seek out parents or teachers and let them know that you tutor students in a certain subject, and offer materials for them to share, and phone calls will often trickle in. You can get going locally or expand across the country by offering to tutor online.


Many small businesses in your community could use a very basic web presence to tell others about their business. Quite often, these businesses don’t have a large budget for such things. That’s where you come in – get a bunch of clients from the local community by beating the pavement, create sites for them, and maintain them for a small fee. Get enough businesses and you have a nice side business of your own that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance time.


Not everyone knows how to look good on paper. With your editing and basic layout skills, a laser printer, and some high-quality stationery, you’re set to start showing clients how to put their best foot forward in their resumes and cover letters–and how to get in the door of potential employers’ businesses for an interview.

If you’re excellent at crafting amazing resumes that ultimately result in people getting the job, consider marketing those services. Most of your work will revolve around writing, editing, designing, and proofreading, so you will need few supplies outside of your computer and basic software to get started.


Specialized knowledge is defiantly required for this particular business idea. As is some specialized equipment. Mechanics are required to fix all manner of problems, from flat tires to busted starters. They can charge a premium for services, as well as a call out charge. Auto mechanic as the name can imply operating your mechanic services on the go.

It means that even if you don’t have a mechanic workshop, you can still move around to help people fix or service their automobile in their homes, offices, and even on the road when you are called upon to do so. Starting an auto mechanic career requires low startup capital and it is a very profitable venture because you would have eliminated the cost of renting and maintaining a workshop/garage.


Making soaps can be easily learnt, several online videos are available online for learning soap making. No doubt there is a large market for soaps and the industry is still pretty much open for as many people that are ready to start their own soap making company.

So, if you are looking for a simple business to start in the chemical industry, a business that requires few weeks or months of training and one that you can start on a small scale, then you should consider going into soap making business. Although you are likely going to compete with several soap makers in your city or country, but if your soaps are well packaged, then you are likely going to get your own fair share of the available market within your target area.


The battery reconditioning career is enjoying increasing demand because consumers are trying to cut costs and live green at the same time. So, rather than buy a brand new battery that goes for about $75, they would rather save 50% of that cost by opting for a reconditioned battery, which costs around $35. They can also decide to have their old batteries reconditioned, thereby keeping the batteries from ending up in landfills and ultimately “hurting” the environment.

Battery reconditioning involves using certain chemicals to dissolve the built-up acid crystals on the lead plates of batteries. This improves the efficiency of the batteries and gets them back to good working conditions. Frankly, this career involves hard and dirty work. But if you hate sitting at an office desk all day only to receive a fixed pay, then a battery reconditioning career is a good career option to consider.


For many people, a computer problem that could be a simple fix winds up being a drawn out warranty nightmare. While we may know how to breeze our way through apps, many of us are not as comfortable with the hardware that powers our machines.

Computer repair is a great low cost business startup, especially if you offer mobile computer repair. Getting started is as simple as building up a reputation for being the “go to” computer handyman. Get the word out to your friends and family about what you’re doing and you’ll be off to a great start.


If you’re willing to do some research and learn how to frame and cut glass, picture framing may be a great business opportunity for you. Once you have the skills, the benefits to this business are pretty obvious. You can work from home and determine your own hours and clients. There are huge markups in the framing business, which means you can earn more while working less – every business owner’s dream.


If you have extra space at home such as a basement or garage, you could try this. Find businesses that want to outsource their inventory and shipping. You will then be responsible for keeping inventory and shipping orders as they come in. There’s no denying that ecommerce is a powerful Business model.

However, who wants the hassle of storing and delivering all the products necessary to create an ecommerce business? If you like the concept, but aren’t a fan of the actual business, you might want to consider a drop shipping partnership. This way you get to focus on specific aspects of the business you enjoy instead.

You’ll need some extra space at home if you want to run this business out of your house, but with a well-organized basement or garage space, you can do it. E-commerce is a huge business, and it’s an especially appealing one for small business owners who can’t afford to rent a retail space.

The problem, of course, is that packing and shipping all those orders can be a real hassle. Many e-commerce companies would like to outsource this function to a third party who can keep the inventory in stock and ship orders as they come in. There are not many of these companies who offer their services to small retailers. It’s a business you can start at home and grow into a larger space once it’s a success.


If you have an interest in alternative health and enjoy working with your hands, consider specializing in one of the different types of massage therapy such as craniofacial, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, reflexology, trigger point and sports massage. Research what training and/or license you need in your area. With a free open space, you could start being a massage therapist right from your home.


Yoga is hugely popular in many communities. So if you’re well versed in the practice, you may be able to set up a yoga studio in your home to share your expertise with others. Yoga appeals to all ages. You can have classes at your home or a venue or visit clients at their home.

The job of a professional yoga instructor does not necessarily require a particular office or place of work for its propagation, a yoga instructor work is mobile because it could be practiced in any area and it can as well be carry out in the gym, fitness shop, the instructors place or the learners place. So consider starting the profession right inside your garage to save and reduce start-up cost.


If you have a good eye for detail work and a lot of patience, homemade jewelry can be quite profitable. You can work with various types of material such as metal, glass, plastic, beads, wood or feathers. Research what skills, tools, training or licensing you may need.

As with other items on this list, there are many opportunities to sell such items through local gift shops, craft fairs, or sites like Etsy. There are plenty of different methods and supplies you can use to create your own jewelry. You can then sell it online or even at craft shows or via wholesale.


Whether it is cakes, cake decorating, cupcakes, cookies, artisan breads or pastries, people always prefer homemade. Do thorough research on what the regulations are for home food producers, licensing requirements and health regulations. Also research your niche to see if it is a potentially profitable business. Have a passion for making cakes beautiful?

With some examples of your creations and a bit of social networking, you could be on your way to the business of your dreams. There are always reasons to celebrate, and where there’s a party, a cake is never far behind. Increase your chances of standing out from the crowd by targeting a niche cake business such as GMO free, vegetarian, or even Disney or other specialized design areas.


If you have the expertise you can start your own repair business. Either limit it to small electronics only or offer general electronic repairs. To limit costs, ask clients to bring their small electronics to you. Make sure to have a plan for getting spare parts quickly to reduce your stock holding costs. You can learn how to do this through books and videos.

Ideally working with an experienced upholsterer would help you learn the skills quickly. Make sure you also have a list of good reliable furniture repair people that you can offer your clients. Either do small and/or large appliance repairs for your own clients or contract to appliance stores to cover their warranty service calls or both. Check what training, experience and licensing you require.


Almost everyone has a tablet or Smartphone these days but getting it repaired is impossible and costly. If you have the skill and knowledge to do this, it is a great business opportunity. These days, it seems as though everybody has a tablet, but have you ever tried to get one fixed?

It’s not as easy as you think. In fact, research revealed that it costs almost as much to repair a tablet as it does to buy a new one. If you’re capable of servicing and fixing this kind of technology, there’s going to be a big demand for reasonably priced tablet repair; especially, if you’re willing to make house calls.


If you have talent with a needle and thread, you may want to put that talent to work. Your sewing skills can be the key to a number of business opportunities, from mending and sewing custom clothes to creating homespun projects and selling them online. A good number of people are non-conformist and prefer custom made sweaters, carpets, towels and blankets.

The only thing you need is a large loom to do the knitting. The services can be marketed through local trade fair or you can sell directly to local stores. A big growth area, as more people come to appreciate the value in repairing and patching up clothes. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, there’s serious money to be made. Once you get known locally, word-of-mouth should do the rest.


This business idea is somehow for the female folks as the day care business was originally a preserve of women but the movie Daddy Day Care; starring Eddy Murphy opened the doors to men. If you are a stay at home dad, don’t feel shy trying this out.

Just make sure you meet all your state requirements before opening your home to become a day care. When you are already taking care of your own wee ones, it makes sense to look for ideas that allow you to take advantage of the way you’re already spending your time. Day care can seem like a natural extension. You can convert one of your garages to a daycare center with the right gadgets, toys, decorations and other necessities.


Perhaps not the most thrilling of home based business idea, but data entry can nevertheless offer an extremely steady (not to mention flexible) source of extra income. You generally get paid for the number of entries you make rather than by the hour, which means you can go back and forth to it when you get a spare few minutes.

With a free garage in which you can convert into an office for data entry, the benefit of the garage is the total concentration it offers to you as a data entry professional; the business needs total concentration and absence of distraction.


Toys were originally made from home before industrial revolution. Despite the mass production of toys, many people are willing to pay good money for handcrafted toys that you can easily make at home in your spare time. Again, gift shops are the place to go with items like these.


Anyone with a background in dance and access to clients with similar interests can offer dance classes from home. Most people, even those many won’t admit it, love moving their bodies. It’s also a great workout. If at some point in your life, you had to hang your dancing shoes for a more sensible office job, there’s nothing stopping you from earning money on the side with this passion project.

Part-time dance instructors get a fraction of the pie their full-time peers enjoy, but it can add up to hundreds each week if you’re consistent. You can either set up the actual dance studio in your home without a need to rent a space and use your home to do the administrative work and the dance tutoring. Your garage is a perfect place to set up good music and teach dance steps.


Love pets? If you have some basic supplies, you can set up a pet grooming business in your home where you’ll have the opportunity to work with plenty of different canine companions. It’s probably no surprise that pet grooming is a growing business.

In 2012, 62% of households had pets. That’s a lot of animal baths! As a groomer, you can not only handle pet bathing, but also other basic grooming needs. If you have the resources, you can expand your business by offering a mobile service as well. Many people loathe bathing their pets and grooming their fur – I know I do. Pet groomers perform these tasks for a small fee – a perfect job for a person who loves dogs and cats.


Are you handy when it comes to repairing furniture? Taking old things and refurbishing them, or even up cycling the various parts into something completely different, is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. With this business Craigslist and social media is your best friend. Fix up a few pieces at a time and offer a “sale day” where people can come by and see everything you have. Or, just sell your pieces one at a time through Craigslist listings.


The Internet has created opportunities for people who can sew and design custom clothing for special events. Many people have found success creating custom birthday outfits for babies and selling them on sites like Etsy or eBay, for example. In addition to selling online, you could also market this service to people in your local community.


Even though consumers are constantly upgrading their phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices, a lot of people still don’t understand how important it is to recycle their old electronics. According to DoSomething.org, 20 million to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide each year, and only 12.5 percent of e-waste is recycled.

Allow people to drop off their unwanted electronics at your home, or go mobile and offer a pickup service. In addition, you could help your customers back up their files and clear sensitive information from their devices as well.


If you’re proficient in highly specialized software, you can get paid to pass your knowledge on to amateurs and professionals looking to expand their skill sets. Technical manuals are available for programs like QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro, but these are often expensive and difficult for the average user to get through.

Schedule small group workshops or private sessions, and charge by the hour for a full tutorial of the program. Patience and a great personality are a must.


Do you play a musical instrument well enough to teach it to others? Private music instructors charge upwards of $20-100/hr and you don’t necessarily have to rent a studio, you can convert your garage to one, either. For entrepreneurs with musical talent, you might consider opening up your home to clients who want to learn a particular instrument or even take voice lessons from you.


Creating beautiful flower arrangements can be a fun activity for anyone with an eye for design and a love of plants. And you can turn that activity into a career by selling flower arrangements and other plants that you create in your home.


A Grocery Store is a good picture of what it means to run a business from a garage. If you are looking for an ideal business to start – a mom and pop style of business that requires low start – up capital to set – up, then you should consider opening a grocery store in an ideal location in your community.

People visit grocery stores to re – stock their homes from time to time. This type of business is simple to set up and it is indeed a profitable business. You might not make huge profits from this type of business, but you are sure of maintaining steady cash flow on a daily basis.

If you choose to start this type of business, ensure that you conduct market survey in order to know the types of products to stock your store with. The truth is that if you stock your store with what the people around do not need, you will struggle to make sales.


Auto repair business is amongst the highly thriving and profitable easy to setup auto services related business idea an entrepreneur can successfully start in a small town. All over the world, car repairs is one business that never goes into extinction. This is because daily, fleets of cars are being added to the garages of people and so whether it is a brand new car or a fairly used one, you can be sure that sometime in the future car repair would be inevitable.

As long as people use their cars and trucks regularly, there will always be reasons for them to visit an auto workshop if indeed they want these vehicles to continue to ply the roads. This is because you can never rule out wear and tear when a machine is in use.

People visit auto garages for different reasons; it could be for routine servicing, major repair works, or for refurbishing their cars. For whatever reasons; auto repair garage will always translate to money for the owner of the repair garage.


Another business that is highly thriving and profitable is barbing saloon. If you are good at cutting hair and you know you have time to spare in the evening and weekends, then you should consider opening a barbing saloon. Just ensure that you locate your barbing saloon in a place that is easily accessible to people in your small community and you won’t struggle to attract customers on a regular basis.


The antique market is not as lively as it used to be. But there’s still money to be had from the industry if you love rare old stuff and possess the skill of restoring them to their former glory. To start an antique refurbishing business at home, you’ll likely need a few thousand dollars to build out a basic workshop and stock it with all of the right treatments and materials. Start small by borrowing around what you can, and learning the basics of the trade.


Not to be confused with hoarding, this one takes a lot of time, patience, and passion. If you have an eye for good art, it’s easy to get in on the ground level by visiting the studio department at your local university. Many art students are more than happy to sell their work for a bargain, and in as little as a few years, there’s a chance that piece you bought for a couple hundred bucks may be worth well into the thousands.

Even though it is believed that starting a business in a comfort zone like your home, can be   somewhat discouraging. This is none other than the fact that the level of competition might not really make one attract the number of clients they envisaged. So, you have to do some thorough homework to arrive at the best .Things like feasibility studies, mentorship with an expert or consultant all will help broaden your horizon.

Ajaero Tony Martins
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