How many times have you told family members that the garage is not a dumpsite but continue to witness everyone throwing unwanted or slightly used stuff into the growing pile of clutter covering the garage floor? If so, these popular organizing ideas used by other garage owners who finally became fed up with a garage that resembled the aftermath of a tornado may help you in your quest for an attractive, useful garage.

1) After remodeling their kitchen, homeowners are mounting their old kitchen cabinets on garage walls to help keep the garage organized and the floor clutter-free. Recycled wood cabinets can be stained or painted for a fresh, new look as well.

2) If you have rafters in your garage ceiling, lay two by fours across the rafters to create cheap ceiling storage solutions for items that are not too heavy or too valuable.

3) Is there a handyman in the house who owns a lot of tools? Purchase a large pegboard, hooks and create an organized wall of tools to help your handyman complete his tasks as efficiently as possible.

4) Sturdy garage wall hooks can hold heavier garden tools such as rakes, weed eaters and aerators and prevent them from getting damaged.

5) Large plastic garbage cans with lids keep toys and stuff animals separated from other garage items and easy for children to access when they want them.

6) Upright cabinets equipped with locking mechanisms are essential in homes with children and pets. Chemicals, paints and other toxic chemicals should be placed in these secure cabinets so that potentially serious accidents never occur. Metal garage cabinets are also coated with rust-resistant materials to prevent corrosion from occurring if something is spilled in the cabinet.

7) Adjustable shelving ensures there is always a place for any item no matter how big it is while facilitating garage makeovers when you get tired of the same old garage layout.

8) Make sure all areas of the garage are properly illuminated to avoid losing or misplacing items.

9) Place magnetic strips above tool benches to hold nails, screws and other items that are small and light.

10) Hanging wire mesh baskets in a cool garage keeps potatoes, onions and other root vegetables handy and also gives you more room in the kitchen.